Domestic Wastewater Lagoon Design

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BMCE was retained to design a new domestic wastewater lagoon for the new Hutterite colony site located in Southwestern Manitoba. The lagoon measured 70m wide by 200m long and was designed to capacity for a maximum population of 150 people in the future. This project consisted of the following task items:
• Completed preliminary loading calculations and lagoon cell sizing.
• Determined lagoon location based on topography, aesthetics, discharge rates and provincial siting regulations.
• Developed a drilling and soil sampling program as part of a geotechnical investigation to determine the existing soil conditions and provide recommendations for construction.
• Designed the lagoon, liner details, venting system and pipe connections in accordance with Manitoba Conservation technical requirements.
• Generated construction drawings and short-form specifications complete with a corresponding Environmental Act Proposal (EAP).
• Submitted construction drawings and EAP to Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship for review and approval.
• Conducted construction inspections, performed quality control testing and issued final certification complete with as-built record drawings.