Structural Assessment

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BURNS MAENDEL CONSULTING ENGINEERS was retained to complete a structural condition assessment for two historical buildings located in Brandon, Manitoba. The two buildings, one a 7-storey structure built in 1910 and the other a 5-storey structure built in 1945, were scheduled for renovations; however a structural assessment was required to determine the building load capacities. Many of the original construction drawings were unavailable at the time and as such, the following was required:

  • Collected detailed building measurements to determine exact building geometries
  • Performed a historical record search and located original construction photographs
  • Commissioned a ground penetrating radar scan of the existing concrete slabs
  • Executed destructive testing of the concrete slabs and beams for structural analysis
  • Generated as-built building plans, sections and details
  • Completed structural analysis and 3D model of the buildings
  • Concluded with a structural assessment report