Waste Water Treatment Facility

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BURNS MAENDEL CONSULTING ENGINEERS completed various design components for the expansion of a Food Processing Plant in Southwestern Manitoba which included a waste water treatment facility.

  • Design of a Concrete Retaining Wall for the Covered Anaerobic Lagoon (CAL)
  • Code Reviews: Parts 3 and 4 NBCC, CAN/CGA-BIO5-M93
  • Lift Station, Pipe Locates and Associated Details
  • Structural Design for CAL Mixing Building and Sludge Withdrawal & Biogas Building
  • Drawings and Specifications, Shop Drawing Review and Construction Inspections
  • Secondary Clarifier Tank Design
  • Structural Design of the Aeration Basin
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant Control Building
  • Civil Piping and Storm Sewer Designs
  • Fire Protection System